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Giving to All Saints Academy

While the annual Halo Fund supports the school's immediate needs, All Saints Academy is working to lay the foundation for future generations of students.  It is important to establish a new legacy through Planned Giving that guarantees long-term sustainability and success.  To do so, the school needs the support of many.  You can support this important goal in a variety of ways:

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  • Cash

    Either as a lump sum or an annual/planned gift, cash provides an immediate impact on the ASA community.  You will likely receive a tax deduction for your gift each year that you donate.
  • Insurance Policy

    A gift of a life insurance policy you no longer need usually qualifies as a tax deductible gift, if the school becomes the policy owner.  For most types of insurance policies, your tax deduction is usually the cost basis or the fair market value of the policy, whichever is less.  Alternatively, consider adding All Saints Academy as an additional beneficiary of one of your term or permanent life insurance policies.
  • Inclusion in Estate Planning or Will

    This method is the classic form of legacy giving, and by including All Saints in your estate planning or will, you can ensure that your legacy has a lasting impact on future generations.
  • Appreciated Stock or Other Securities

    When ASA receives a gift of stock or securities, the school is able to sell the asset, allowing you to eliminate all of the capital gains tax incurred had you sold the stock on your own.  Your gift will likely be tax deductible at the fair market value on its date of delivery, if held for more than one year.
  • Real Estate, Artwork or Other Personal Property

    As with Stock or Securities, your gift will likely be tax deductible at its fair market value on its date of delivery.
Join us as we secure the future for the next generation of students. Explore how you can build your legacy by contacting us today!

To have a private conversation about year-end giving, estate planning, memorial gifts, corporate partnerships, or other personal gifts, please contact our Director of Development at 863-293-5980 x2239.

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The potential for future success for All Saints Academy is unlimited.