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Endowed Funds

Endowed funds are critical pieces to the fiscal stability and longevity of all successful educational institutions. Funds generated from endowments support the exceptional programs of ASA, boosts faculty compensation and strengthens the educational experience above what tuition dollars cover. The principal of the investments are invested and a percentage of the earnings are used to fund current school programs and initiatives. An endowment gift is made in perpetuity to the school and is a powerful legacy for future generations of students.
The All Saints Academy Campus Preservation Fund
Endowment for campus preservation is the key to ensuring that sufficient funding is regularly available to maintain buildings. This fund supports the care and maintenance of our beautiful campus, making important updates and upgrades to the look, feel and security of our campus.
The All Saints Academy Faculty Enrichment Fund
All Saints Academy firmly believes that commitment and energized faculty are invaluable to ASA becoming and remaining an exceptional independent school. Endowment gifts to this fund enrich and strengthen our faculty by providing professional development and growth opportunities such as workshops, seminars and advanced studies.
The All Saints Academy Scholar Fund
To achieve our institutional goals as a diverse community, we must open our doors to those deserving students in our own neighborhoods whose families are unable to fully take on the costs associated with attending All Saints Academy. We are committed to utilizing these funds to allow mission appropriate students to attend ASA regardless of socio-economic status.
To make direct donations to any of these funds, please visit:
For questions about these valuable endowed funds, do not hesitate to contact our Director of Advancement & Auxiliary Programming at 863-293-5980 x2239.