Saints Sports League

Thank you to our sponsors!

We are excited to be planning our 2022-2023 season of the All Saints Academy Saints Sports League! The season will consist of flag football, Winter soccer, basketball, volleyball and Summer soccer. The dates for each sport is as follows:
Flag Football: September 19, 2022 - November 12, 2022
Winter Soccer: January 2, 2023 - February 18, 2023
Basketball: February 20, 2023 - April 22, 2023

Saints Sports is an open-to-the-public community league for boys and girls ages 5-12 dedicated to developing a well-rounded athlete. By giving participants equal playing time, building self-esteem, and teaching the fundamentals of each sport, we help young athletes develop a love of the game that sets them on a path for a healthy lifestyle, safe play, and future athletic success.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ashley Morrison, Auxiliary Programs Coordinator, at 863-293-5980 x2313 or 

1 practice per week on Mondays
Saturday games- No travel required. 
Registration fee $100 per sport - uniform provided