Carolyn Baldwin Retirement Letter (1/8/2019)

Dear ASA Community:
Happy New Year to each of you. It is almost impossible to believe that it is 2019.  I vividly recall the first day I drove up to All Saints Academy to become the Head of the Lower School on July 1, 2001. These 17 years have been among the most rewarding of my professional life in my 50 years in education.  I have loved each day I have spent with you and your amazing children thus far, and I am looking forward to the days that remain until June 30, 2020, when I will retire from the Head of School role at All Saints Academy.
I will be in service to ASA for the remainder of my life, as I believe deeply in the mission of our school–inspiring independent thinkers, principled leaders, and humble learners.
That first day in 2001 there were 67 children enrolled at the lower school on July 1, 2001. From that point we have grown, built the Anne MacGregor Jenkins Lower School and unified the campus on one site, added the Barnett Learning Commons, and the Baldwin Center for Innovation and Collaboration. Our national college matriculation lists are excellent and representative of the quality of our academic preparatory programming. We have been honored to receive NATIONAL STEM AWARDS and have rich and rewarding academic partnerships with NuVu Cambridge, and Norwegian and French schools. That is quite a distance to travel from 2001 when we had no internet and only a few computers on campus.
We have gathered a world class faculty and staff who make these tasks easy to achieve.
Along the way we enjoyed family group travel to China, Spain, Australia and New Zealand and the Black Hills, 
USA. Getting to know each other well has always been a trademark of All Saints, and what better way than traveling together?
This great school continues to thrive on the good will and faith of those who believe that the education of the children of the community is the best way to support a positive future for all. God bless them every one. I have personally been witness to unbelievable generosity of fabulous human beings, and it’s has been a blessing to my life to receive blessings for All Saints Academy.  During my time here, I have been honored to receive over 28 million dollars in gifts from individuals to improve and support our school and our students.
As I sat here composing this letter, two blessings walked through my door: two alumni came to visit. Zach Stanley and Kwesi Newton shared stories of Embry-Riddle and Boston University with me, and stories of their families and their accomplishments and dreams. These are my favorite moments. I will miss these moments. They are the absolute best—to see students successful and happy in the world with the desire to visit their school home at ASA.
This morning I had the pleasure of watching alumna Elizabeth Lyle deliver a presentation on TED for Boston Consulting where she is a partner. Thrilling!
I could go on and on and on....  I am so proud of all of you, Saints, past, present and future. You are in my heart forever. Thank you for allowing me in your life. I will be carrying the memory of your laughter, your serious moments, your joyous learning moments, and your tears with me always.
I will always hear the spirit bell ringing in my heart, knowing it is declaring a huge Saints victory, and I will never forget being in our State Championship football huddle! Sheer terror and joy!
Let the parting be as sweet as our time together has been. The next year will be a busy one with the search for a new Head of School. You will have wonderful candidates, internal and external. God has called ASA for an important purpose and He will not fail in guiding the choice of the next Head of School for All Saints Academy. Thank you for your friendship and support as we have worked together to create a beautiful school. Stay the course.
Thank you for the honor and privilege of a lifetime, serving All Saints Academy as her Head of School.
Carolyn M Baldwin
Head of School
All Saints Academy