Campus Life

Honor Code

All Saints Academy is a college preparatory school with a relaxed, friendly, accessible, and supportive atmosphere in which student behavior reflects the highest standards.  All Saints Academy expects a commitment from both students and parents in upholding the values set forth by the Honor Code.

All Saints Academy Honor Code

As a member of the ASA community, I am expected to conduct myself with honor, integrity, and with a high regard for others. I accept full responsibility for my own actions and attitudes and agree to abide by the following code:
  • I will act honorably at all times - never lying, cheating, stealing, or plagiarizing.
  • I will abide by the rules of the code of conduct.
  • I will show concern and respect for all members of the ASA community and their property.
  • I will show concern for the school environment by helping to keep it clean and safe.
  • I will represent my school in an honorable and positive way at all times - on and off campus.
  • I will report violations of the Honor Code.