Campus Life


All Saints Academy students enjoy weekly Chapel services as a moment to worship, reflect, and refresh them for the days ahead. These sacred times challenge students to live intentionally, love genuinely, and grow spiritually. Middle and Upper School Chapel services are led by our on-campus Chaplain, Father Rick -- a priest of the Episcopal Church. During Wednesday Chapel, students in Grades 6-12 along with their teachers and advisors actively participate in the service by leading the hymns, prayers, and Biblical readings. Students are encouraged to involve themselves in the service as fully as their personal religious traditions allow. Parents are welcome to join us for Chapel.
Our Lower School Thursday Chapel services are also led by our on-campus Chaplain, Father Rick. This special time is devoted to our students in Kindergarten - Grade 5, where age-appropriate teachings are shared. Traveling from the Lower School to Pou Chapel, each student is matched with his/her Learning Buddy to foster safety and reinforce the importance of community. Upon entering the Chapel doors, the Lower School Strings students create an instrumental atmosphere of worship prior to the beginning of each service. Our older students take leadership roles and shepherd their peers through the singing of traditional hymns and Scripture readings. Each week, students reverently recite our school prayer with their teachers and friends. Parents are welcome to join us for Chapel.

Friday Morning Gathering is where our youngest scholars in PreSchool 2- Kindergarten excitedly share the songs and lessons they have learned throughout the week. Each Friday, leaders from the First Grade guide students through performances, birthday celebrations, school cheer, and school prayer under the guidance of our Early Childhood Director. This dedicated time helps prepare each student for the more traditional Chapel services as they progress in grade level. Parents are welcome to join us for Morning Gathering.

Students in PreKindergarten begin attending weekly Lower School Thursday Chapels during the second semester.  On the first Chapel of each month, our school Chaplain leads our students and teachers through Eucharist during their respective services. Participation in the Eucharist ceremony is completely voluntary, and we encourage each of our families to have an honest discussion about their religious traditions and beliefs. In lieu of Eucharist, students and/or faculty and staff have the option of receiving a blessing.

During certain Christian Holy times throughout the year, we celebrate the reason behind those special days during weekly Chapel services. Lessons & Carols is our traditional Christmas Chapel celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ through Christmas Carols and Biblical readings about His birth. Ash Wednesday is also a special Chapel time for our students as we enter the Lenten season.