About Saints Athletics

Athletic programs and experiences provide unique opportunities for all of our students to share their own independent contributions to excellence in sport, both individual and team.  Sport builds character, teamwork, and most of all pride in accomplishment in working toward worthy goals that are not easily achieved. What else in life is more important than being proficient in these skills?

Learning that team athletic experience is greater than one individual's efforts is one of life’s greatest rewards and is a central element of being human. Our student-athletes at All Saints Academy have the blessing of these experiences on our playing fields, in our gyms, and on the pool decks every day.  They also have the mentoring of nurturing adults who care more about the healthy development of the students and the love of sport than a winning score.  There is so much more to winning than the final score.
Practicing the "7 Habits" of our Leader In Me Program, our student-athletes are proactive and begin with the end in mind, putting first things first.  In every situation we think win­-win in good teamwork practices.  Listening and learning, seeking first to understand and then to be understood is part of the disciplined life of athletics at All Saints Academy.  As athletes and lovers of sport we practice synergy, valuing the contribution that a diverse group of people can bring to any effort.  In every practice and all contests our student-athletes are continually sharpening the saw, and caring for their bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. These are the habits of highly effective people and the mark of real leadership.

As you explore our athletic offerings, we hope you discover that our fields, courts, and other athletic arenas are simply extentions of our classrooms.  Regardless of venue, Saints student-athletes are expected to perform their best, treat others with respect, and ultimately enjoy the game.

Go Saints!

Fall Sports

List of 9 items.

  • Cheerleading

  • Cross Country

  • Football

  • Golf - Varsity

  • Soccer - Boys Middle School

  • Swimming & Diving

  • Volleyball - Junior Varsity

  • Volleyball - Middle School

  • Volleyball - Varsity

Winter Sports

List of 7 items.

  • Basketball - Middle School Boys

  • Basketball - Junior Varsity Boys

  • Basketball - Varsity Boys

  • Basketball - Middle School Girls

  • Basketball - Varsity Girls

  • Soccer - Varsity Boys

  • Soccer - Varsity Girls

Spring Sports

List of 10 items.

  • Baseball - Varsity

  • Girls Beach Volleyball

  • Lacrosse - Middle School Boys

  • Lacrosse - Varsity Girls

  • Lacrosse - Varsity Boys

  • Softball - Varsity

  • Soccer - Middle School Girls

  • Tennis - Varsity Boys

  • Tennis - Varsity Girls

  • Track & Field - Varsity

Goals of our athletic programs at All Saints Academy: building poise, confidence, competence and a competitive edge in young people so that the sweetness of goal accomplishment is a regular habit.