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 At All Saints Academy, the arts flourish as a vibrant cornerstone of education.  

The campus comes alive with creativity, offering an array of artistic expressions including visual art, music, theatre, and dance. Students are encouraged to explore their talents and passions, whether they're refining dance routines, mastering musical instruments, creating captivating visual artworks, or taking the stage with dramatic performances. 

At ASA, we take the traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program one step further by adding The Arts to create STEAM. Our STEAM goal is not only competence and knowledge of these various subjects, but also demonstrated application. Applied knowledge means an increased depth of learning, regardless of the subject matter. Adding The Arts into STEM creates a holistic approach to learning, especially for those students who excel in dance, art, and music.

Our students receive a well-rounded, in-depth education. Upon graduation, students think creatively and solve problems effectively in order to positively change the world around them. We believe our students deserve a strong educational foundation in STEM, and we focus heavily on teaching the necessary skills in these subjects. Adding on to that foundation, we also emphasize the importance of The Arts through classes ranging from music and drama to drawing and painting -- even in our Early Childhood and Lower School classrooms. All Saints believes that each of these areas plays a vital role in a well-rounded education, and creates an ultimate learning experience as depicted in our Innovation Studio courses in the Baldwin Center for Innovation & Collaboration.

Scientists need to know how to communicate and write well. Those in technology often need creative design skills to enhance their work. In this way, the curriculum at All Saints Academy is grounded in STEAM-based learning. It best embodies our end-goal -- for students to be well-thought in each subject and know how to apply that knowledge in every circumstance to achieve optimum results.