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  • 2002 Alumnus | Tony Gaskins

    As a special part of ASA's 20th anniversary, 2002 Alumni, Tony Gaskins, taught ASA students an exclusive course in Entrepreneurship with a Purpose this past Fall. Tony Gaskins is a professional life coach for many in the NBA and NFL, an entrepreneur, the author of eight books, and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Through this course, students discovered: Their Unique Gifts, Learn How to Start a Company, Build and Expand Their Brand, and Discover How to Give Back.
  • 2010 Alumnus | Ryan Yarbrough

    Ryan is an All Saints Academy alumni starting spring training with the Tampa Bay Rays this season. In addition to his loving and supportive family, Ryan was joined by Dave Kormann, Rob Hollway, Coach Rick Moser, Coach John Carpenter, Coach Chris Pearce, fellow Alumnus Carson Fulmer of the Chicago White Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays Assistant Director for Minor League, Jeff McLerran. In appreciation, Ryan spoke encouraging words to the ASA students about the welcoming and supportive sense of community he felt while attending All Saints Academy. Whether it was a senior trip to the Outer Banks or daily lunches with fellow players and mentors, he made lifelong bonds and cherishes the time he spent in the All Saints community. What an inspiration Ryan Yarbrough has become....not only on the field, but off the field as well! Congratulations Ryan! We'll be cheering you on!
  • 2013 Alumnus | Kwame Newton

    Kwame Newton, is headed to Harvard Law this Fall! Learn more about his journey from our Q&A in the ASA blog:
  • 2014 Alumnus | Rachel Watson

    Rachel Watson, has been selected as a 2017-2018 University Scholar by the University of Florida! As such, her research proposal will be fully funded by the Department of Entomology, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the UF Center for Undergraduate Research. Pictured below, Rachel conducting entomology field research in the Panamanian rainforest.
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