We Are All Saints

All Saints Academy inspires independent thinkers, principled leaders, and humble learners.  Our talented Faculty nurtures each student in PreSchool 2 through Grade 12 in our generous Episcopal-school tradition. Our close, consistent partnership with families deepens our individual relationships with students, creating a strong foundation of mutual trust that guides beyond-expected learning at All Saints.
All Saints enlivens each student’s mind with an invigorating, vibrant curriculum designed to engage the interests and strengths of each learner. By knowing and continuously challenging students at their individual levels, we spark the personal inquiry and curiosity that motivate beyond-expected learning.

All Saints inspires each student’s heart by providing a vast array of beyond-classroom learning opportunities to explore the known and the unfamiliar with persistence and delight. Through new experiences and fresh self-insight, our students advance their individual potential, solidify confidence in their budding passions, and gain a greater sense of self-worth.

All Saints emboldens each student’s spirit by inspiring individual expression of belief and a framework for personal integrity. Students discover their emerging altruism, energizing their desire to contribute their unique gifts with humble self-acceptance, approaching our diverse community with openness and grace.