Upper School

    • Ryan Walsh

      Head of Upper / Middle School, Associate Head of School

It is our students who make the All Saints Upper School unique. Whether “lifers” who have been at ASA throughout their educational career or those who join us in ninth grade, ASA students are the most compelling representation of the school’s mission: independent thinkers, principled leaders, and humble learners.

Learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom are designed to challenge students to think independently, whether that be designing a new shopping cart for Publix as part of an Innovation Studio or engaging in a Harkness table discussion in English. The learner of today must be prepared to think critically and take responsibility for learning that is far beyond “The Basics” of the last century. It is intentional that our students are “humble learners” at the same time they are excited, confident, and inspired learners. Students are mentored as leaders and regularly point to their strong relationships with faculty and coaches as the hallmark of their ASA experience.

Community partnerships, numerous opportunities to present both within and outside the ASA community, and service work that take students out of their comfort zone, all help to develop leaders of high principles. Whether in the classroom, athletic field, or the arts, ASA students have the opportunity for leadership unique to a small school.

We are proud of our legacy of 100% college acceptance, and we take greatest pride in the success of our graduates. ASA graduates regularly share stories of success in college and point to the skills and confidence earned at ASA as the key to that success.

All Saints Academy welcomes students of all backgrounds.  Our students leave with a shared desire to make a difference and the confidence to know they have the tools to be difference makers.

Hallmarks of an ASA Education

List of 5 items.

  • College Advising

    • Legacy of 100% college acceptance
    • Two full-time College Advisors
    • Frequent on-campus visits from college/university representatives
    • Preparing students for college and beyond
  • Academics

    • Lyceum Merit Studies for academically gifted students
    • Lyceum concentrations in Civic Engagement, Global Studies, and STEAM
    • AP Advanced Placement Courses
    • Innovation Studios with technology emphasis for all ASA students
    • Curriculum for the “New Basics” skills for the world of the future
    • Engaging, project-based learning
    • Block scheduling provides deeper learning through 80 minute classes
    • Harkness Table open-discussions to engage learning through the Harkness Method
    • Focus on Collaboration: Power in working together
    • Critical Thinking / Iteration: realization that there is not one right answer
    • Presentation: Innovation Studio Exhibition
  • Partnerships

    • NuVu Studio Cambridge
    • Innovation Studio Community Partnerships
    • Merit Program
    • Dual Enrollment
  • Arts

    • Professional artists on staff
    • Artists in Residence working directly with students
    • Award winning programs in visual and performing arts
    • Exhibitions in visual and performing arts with real-world learning opportunities
  • Faculty/Staff

    • Highly-esteemed professionals
    • Inspiring role models
    • Connections with teachers
    • Individualized learning
    • Encouraging