Middle School

    • Ryan Walsh

      Head of Upper / Middle School, Associate Head of School

The Middle Years are a time when students reflect on what it means to be an independent thinker, a principled leader, and a humble learner. They are a time of intellectual development, social and emotional growth, and the discovery of what is personally meaningful. All Saints Academy’s Middle School teachers, curriculum, and programming steward this time of transition.

Our advisory program offers daily time for students to set personal and grade-level goals, measure progress in those goals, and challenge each other to reach further. Through our modeling and practice of The Leader in Me’s 7 Habits, students learn how they are responsible for their own successes.

Beginning in seventh grade, students may apply for our Lyceum Scholars program, which offers academically gifted students opportunities to analyze and synthesize subjects with greater depth and breadth. Through Lyceum and college preparatory curriculum, we help all students achieve their full potential.

Throughout the All Saints experience, we provide opportunities for students to learn to embrace each other’s uniqueness in background and culture, and encourage knowledge and celebration of self.


Ryan Walsh
Head of Middle School
Associate Head of School

Program Highlights

  • Class trips are a time for bonding through teamwork, finding solutions by embracing multiple perspectives, and discovering deeper applications of the lessons we explore in classes
  • Arts - Exposure to all visual and performing arts in Grade 6 to develop focus in Grades 7 & 8 Arts
  • Priming creative problem-solving, collaboration, coding, designing, rapid prototyping, and presentation skills in Technology and Design courses
  • Resilience, ethics, curiosity, time management
  • Teach students to achieve balance