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Middle School

Middle School

As the transition between the Lower and Upper Schools, All Saints Academy's Middle School is a place for academic, social, and emotional growth. Our middle school team is passionate about guiding and supporting our students through this transition. 

Our Advisory program and classroom expectations provide scaffolding for students to grow as independent thinkers and self-advocates. Advisors and classroom teachers build organizational structures into the day, teaching students how to use the school-provided planner in a meaningful way. Our online gradebook and learning management system serve as a communication tool with families and provide an opportunity for students to keep track of their progress and adjust their learning strategies throughout the school year. We know that middle schoolers will need support in their efforts to become independent thinkers, so advisors keep a close watch on student progress and step in when additional assistance is needed. 

Advisory activities, religion classes, and course learning objectives are designed to help students build healthy social relationships. Our teachers plan positive and productive peer interactions during the school day and promote the healthy use of technology. Our school counselor provides advisory activities that teach our students how to make others feel valued and included. Our school chaplain teaches a religion class during all three years of middle school, providing a constant connection with our school's spiritual leader and a chance to celebrate the traditions of all faiths. 

Our academic program is designed to meet the developmental needs of middle school students while preparing them for high school, college, and beyond. Teachers overtly discuss study and organizational skills in classes. Middle school students take exams at the end of the semester, mirroring what happens in our upper school. Advanced math classes are offered all three years of middle school, while Lyceum honors classes are offered in 8th grade to provide an additional layer of academic rigor for students who demonstrate the self-discipline and academic maturity to be successful in this setting. Our elective programming provides exposure to all visual and performing arts, as well as physical education and design and fabrication classes in the 6th grade, while allowing 7th and 8th grade students to develop skills and focus with choice. This careful combination of prescription and choice allows students to become humble learners.

Program Highlights

  • Class trips are a time for bonding through teamwork, finding solutions by embracing multiple perspectives, and discovering deeper applications of the lessons we explore in classes
  • Arts - Exposure to all visual and performing arts in Grade 6 to develop focus in Grades 7 & 8 Arts
  • Priming creative problem-solving, collaboration, coding, designing, rapid prototyping, and presentation skills in Technology and Design courses
  • Resilience, ethics, curiosity, time management
  • Teach students to achieve balance

Advisory program 

Our Advisory program at ASA plays a huge role in supporting students throughout their academic journey. With regular grade checks and personalized assistance , our faculty advisors help ensure that students in the Middle and Upper School stay on track and excel in their studies. In their middle school years, faculty advisors along with our school counselor work to provide healthy social relationships, along with making others feel valued and included.