Lyceum Scholars

Beginning in Grade 7, students meeting the required criteria are encouraged to apply for acceptance into the Lyceum Scholars program.  Lyceum Scholars is a merit study program that recognizes students who set high academic goals and meet high expectations.  The program encourages excellence, and enriches and accelerates All Saints Academy’s core college preparatory curriculum.

ASA’s Lyceum courses offer students in Grades 8-12 an accelerated, beyond-honors curriculum where they explore subjects in greater depth and breadth. These courses require a greater amount of self-discipline, academic maturity, and devotion to the subject matter. All Lyceum courses are taught using Advanced Placement (AP) benchmarks as a goal. Lyceum courses are honors-level college preparatory courses, with curriculum written and maintained by teachers at All Saints Academy. AP course curriculum is written and maintained by the College Board. 

In recognition of their academic journey, Lyceum Scholars receive a diploma that bears the Lyceum seal and a medal to distinguish them at graduation. Students earning the Lyceum Scholar distinction are prepared to meet the challenges of the most competitive colleges and universities.

Colleges and universities recognize Lyceum Scholars as graduates with Merit Studies distinction in their curriculum. Secondary schools across the country and internationally have graduation distinctions, like Lyceum Scholars, to distinguish graduates who have engaged the highest degree of personalized difficulty in the school's curriculum.

Criteria to Become a Lyceum Scholar:

  • GPA at or above 3.5
  • Standardized test scores above 75th percentile
  • Demonstrated curiosity and willingness to pursue knowledge
  • Submit application
  • Receive teacher recommendation
  • Enroll in a total of 16 Lyceum and/or AP courses
  • Complete and present an approved, researched project through Senior year
  • Deliver Scholar Talk to faculty and peers