Endowed Education Awards

Each year, thanks to the generous support of others, All Saints Academy offers a number of educational awards that seek to both reward and promote exceptional educational accomplishment.  The links to the nomination forms can be found in the online portal on the Faculty Announcements Page, Parent Announcements Page, or the Student Announcements Page. The deadline for nominations for the 2022 awards is Friday, April 29th.  

Publix Super Market Charities Faculty Awards
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. has established a Faculty Prize to reward an outstanding member of the All Saints Academy faculty in the Lower, Middle, and Upper School Divisions each year with a cash award of $1,500.

The Patel Family Endowed Award for Innovative Learning
The Patel Family feels compelled to recognize and celebrate the faculty and students who have shown exemplary work in the high school innovation studio work, demonstrating skills in the areas of innovation, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, and presentation.  The Faculty Award is $750 for faculty professional development or project enhancement while the Student Award(s) are $500 per project (Max: 2) for a combined maximum total of $1,750.

Henry Family Endowed Grant for Instructional Innovation
The Henry Family has been led to invest in classroom instruction by endowing this generous annual award to be awarded to a current All Saints Academy faculty member for the purchase of specialty equipment for classroom innovation & instruction or professional development.  Self-nomination is permitted. This is a $1,000 award for professional development or classroom innovation. 

Karen Kirkner Spirit of the Heart Award
The Weber Family has generously created this award in honor of Mrs. Karen Kirkner’s past and ongoing faithful service to All Saints Academy. This $2,000 award is given to a faculty member who engages in helping students realize and achieve their potential both in the classroom and as individuals, embraces innovative learning and actively seeks opportunities to provide students with unique learning experiences, and models a love of learning and encourages children to explore and identify their talents and passion. 

The Acosta Family Endowed Award for All Saints Academy Excellence
The Acosta Family has invested in the creation of this annual award to celebrate a faculty member who best embodies Mrs. Ali Dugger's legacy of guidance, wisdom, leadership, and love for her students. Faculty, Staff, and Administrators are eligible to receive this award that can be used for professional development, materials, or equipment that will enhance the learning experience.  This award is $750 for professional development, materials, or equipment that will enhance the learning experience. 

The Peterson & Myers, P.A. and Paul Family Endowed Fund for Critical Writing was established by a generous gift through the Boundless… Campaign from the firm of Peterson & Myers, P.A. with Elizabeth and Blake Paul, parents of Harrison ’17, William ’19, and Andrew ’21, along with matching funds from an anonymous donor. The fund was created to provide increased resources and recognition for faculty and students who excel in the area of the written art form and is designed to reward student and teacher excellence while also helping to attract and retain outstanding educators and students to the school.  This fund will provide an annual award to one faculty member who has demonstrated particular dedication to and/or innovative techniques in developing critical writing skills in All Saints’ students and a current All Saints Academy Senior who has demonstrated a distinct aptitude for critical and persuasive writing. It is the intent of the donor that the Faculty award be used for professional development opportunities or materials that will support the student learning experience. The Student award will be given as a college scholarship. Faculty members and students who are interested in receiving the award are to self-nominate by submitting the application.  The Faculty Award will be $1,000 for professional development while the Student Award will be a scholarship award of $2,500 for a combined maximum total of $3,500.