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Academic Support

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) at All Saints Academy is dedicated to the success of each student.

Through a partnership with classroom teachers as well as families, the Academic Skills Center works toward optimizing student growth and learning.

Using teacher-led goal setting, data collection, and identification of students’ strengths and needs, the ASC encourages students to advocate for themselves, overcome academic challenges, and realize their purpose. Student goals will be created by teachers in order to prioritize relevant skills and instructional material. Teachers, families, and learning specialists will review goals with the students. Goals should be relevant, data-informed, and achievable.

The goals of the Academic Skills Center are to:

  • develop self-aware, determined and proactive learners who advocate for their needs
  •  encourage students to identify and understand their strengths and embrace challenges as learning opportunities
  •  support students in accessing the resources they need to flourish.


The responsibilities of the ASC are:  

  • to coordinate appropriate and manageable accommodations to instruct in organization, time management and study skills
  •  to communicate with local professionals regarding evaluations and recommendations
  • to provide professional development for teachers regarding differentiation of curriculum and instruction
  •  to coordinate tutoring

Accommodations may look different for each division. Different examples of appropriate and manageable accommodations range from extended time on testing to smaller groups of testing during exams among many other things.

The Learning Specialists provide reasonable accommodations in support of the mission of All Saints Academy for students with documented learning disabilities.