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All Saints Academy believes in the educational development of the whole person through the study of STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) together with our robust Humanities Program (English, Social Studies, Religion, and World Languages).
Our stimulating learning experiences foster intellectual growth, academic achievement, and an altruistic spirit.  In addition to our STEAM curriculum, we offer a robust Humanities program highlighted by literary discussions around our Harkness Tables, historical reenactments, and annual events exploring world cultures and religion.

English and Language Arts teachers of grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12 share a common goal: to create learning environments of shared inquiry that allow each student to discover and use his or her strengths to express confidently and read passionately.

From the foundational levels of emerging literacy and phonemic awareness, to the discoveries of spoken and written language's beauty, to mastery over rhetoric, close reading, and one's own voice, our curriculum is a continuum by design.  Students become familiar with books, language, and precision, and as they draft ideas aloud, they become familiar with the grammar of deep discussion.

Lessons, collaborative activities, writing, reading selections, and assessments are thoughtfully designed at each level of the curriculum to provide age-appropriate material that consistently challenges, piques a variety of interests, and stimulates self-awareness and empathy.  Students are guided to discoveries of cultural awareness and acceptance, through diverse voices that engender discoveries of one's own voice and connections to the world.

Teachers of History and Social Science in grades PreK through 12 encourage students to think about how words, choices, and actions shape today's world.  While learning the value of diversity and the confidence to participate in social groups in Lower School, students acquire skills and study concepts that foster civic responsibility. Stressing the refinement of essential skills in critical reading, clear writing, and civic engagement that will benefit students beyond ASA, teachers of History and Social Science from all divisions require students to analyze primary and secondary sources and to express information and ideas with clarity and conviction.

Our students develop competency in World Languages through listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness.  The faculty of the World Languages Department encourages students to understand that, living in a globalized world, we need to look for understanding among the many people who make up the community of nations.
In each course and classroom at All Saints Academy, we encourage students to actively engage and apply:
  • Collaboration - partnerships and leadership
  • Creative Problem-Solving - application of mixed content in novel situations
  • Innovation - creative perspective
  • Iteration - willingness to refine concepts
  • Synthesis of Critique - response to feedback
  • Empathy - sense of audience
  • Tech and Media Literacy - demonstration of skills
  • Documentation - reflection and communication, written and graphical
  • Presentation - ability to express ideas effectively to a larger audience
  • Communication - written and verbal expression for multiple audiences
  • Understanding - ability to grasp concepts through critical reading
Through immersion in our rigorous, college preparatory curriculum, students in PreSchool 2 - Grade 12 become independent thinkers, principled leaders, and humble learners.