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      Carolyn Baldwin

      Head of School

Thank you for interest in All Saints Academy, the best private school in Polk County, FL for preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school students.  As a member of the ASA community for the past 16 years, I relish the chance to share our story with prospective students, families, and community members.  We have a wonderful college preparatory learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive to students of all religions and backgrounds.  At All Saints Academy, we are committed to transforming the world one student at a time so he/she can reshape the future.  That’s why we inspire every student to be an independent thinker, principled leader, and humble learner.  Our mission is to motivate students to want to do something, learn something, create something, understand something -- all in the aim of leading better lives and creating a better world for others.
Independent thinkers. We often say that we aren’t preparing students to take tests; we are preparing students for the world. We want our students, teachers, and staff to look beyond the expected and resolve situations based on observations and experience. For us, an independent thinker is anyone who seeks information and carefully considers the facts before making a thoughtful, deliberate decision.
Principled leaders. A careful decision means nothing without principled leadership. As a learning community, we strive to give students the tools necessary to act responsibly. We want them to be responsible for their own actions, but also act as leaders who share in the responsibility of the larger community.  Our talented faculty provides daily opportunities for students to learn the qualities and values of principled leadership.
Humble learners. The definition of “learner” changes dramatically when modified by the word “humble.”  We hope the children who walk through All Saints Academy’s doors grow to be modest and respectful in their learning. We want our humble learners to value their education, love their school and classmates, and leave All Saints with a never-ending passion for knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
Every day, our faculty focuses on energizing each student’s mind, inspiring each student’s heart, and emboldening each student’s spirit -- all in keeping with our rich Episcopal-school tradition.   I am beyond proud of our students' demonstrated generosity, commitment, and self-confidence during their years at All Saints Academy -- a foundation for success that follows them even after they graduate.
I invite you and your family to come visit our campus; experience our exceptional All Saints community; and join us on our journey of inspiring independent thinkers, principled leaders, and humble learners.
Carolyn M. Baldwin
Head of School