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  • Photo of Elizabeth Hardage

    Elizabeth Hardage 

    Head of School
    863-293-5980 ext. 3336
  • Photo of Valentina Adams

    Valentina Adams 

    MS/US Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Jill Baird

    Jill Baird 

    Faculty (LS) Kindergarten
    863-293-5980 ext. 3327
  • Photo of Stefanie  Bamberger

    Stefanie  "Hope" Bamberger 

    Assistant Teacher
    863-293-5980 ext. 3314
  • Photo of Tracy Barnhill

    Tracy Barnhill 

    Safety and Security Guard
  • Photo of Amy Blitz

    Amy Blitz 

    Media Specialist
    863-293-5980 ext. 3352
  • Photo of Audrey Blystone

    Audrey Blystone 

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Nigel Boardman

    Nigel Boardman 

    Faculty (LS) Physical Education
    863-293-5980 ext. 3332
  • Photo of Anna Bostick

    Anna Bostick 

    Fourth Grade Teacher
    863-293-5980 ext 3365
  • Photo of Sheryl Brantley

    Sheryl Brantley 

    Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessments
    863.293.5980 ext. 3404
  • Photo of Heather Brown

    Heather Brown 

    Executive Assistant to the Head of School
    863-293-5980 x2228
  • Photo of Teresa Butler

    Teresa Butler 

    Early Childhood Assistant
    863-293-5980 ext. 3334
  • Photo of Kelly Callender

    Kelly Callender 

    Early Childhood Assistant Teacher
    863-293-5980 ext3325
  • Photo of Marguerite Canlon

    Marguerite Canlon 

    Administrative Assistant to the Middle & Upper School Division Heads
    863-293-5980 ext. 2267
  • Photo of Elisabeth Clark

    Elisabeth Clark 

    Faculty (LS) Learning Specialist
    863-293-5980 ext. 3356
  • Photo of Carly Coffee

    Carly Coffee 

    Early Childhood Assistant
  • Photo of Diana Davis

    Diana Davis 

    Upper School Science
  • Photo of Mary Dennis

    Mary Dennis 

    Admissions Assistant
    863-293-5980 ext. 2364
  • Photo of Mark Dessart

    Mark Dessart 

    Strength & Conditioning Coach
    863-293-5980 ext. 2230
  • Photo of Konstantin Dimitrov

    Konstantin "Konstantin" Dimitrov 

    Lower School Strings Teacher
  • Photo of Virginia Drake-Jacobson

    Virginia Drake-Jacobson 

    Faculty (LS) Grade 2
    863-293-5980 ext. 3361
  • Photo of Tricia Dugger

    Tricia Dugger 

    Faculty (US) English
    863-293-5980 ext. 2291
  • Photo of Chad Eades

    Chad Eades 

    Upper School History
  • Photo of Melanie Eldridge

    Melanie Eldridge 

    LS Teacher - 3rd Grade
  • Photo of Christina Elias

    Christina "Tina" Elias 

    LS Teacher - Grade 2
  • Photo of Isabella Faller

    Isabella Faller 

    2nd Grade Teacher
    863-293-5980 ext.
  • Photo of Sean Finney

    Sean Finney 

  • Photo of Jessica Fischer

    Jessica Fischer 

    LS Teacher - Grade 5
  • Photo of Nancy Fonseca

    Nancy Fonseca 

    Faculty (MS/US) Fine Arts
    863-293-5980 ext. 2296
  • Photo of Deborah Ford

    Deborah Ford 

    Faculty (US) English
    863-293-5980 ext. 2306
  • Photo of Allison Futch

    Allison Futch 

    2nd Grade Teacher
    (863)293-5980 ext. 3353
  • Photo of Anna Garduno

    Anna Garduno 

    Athletic Trainer
  • Photo of Paula Gashgarian

    Paula Gashgarian 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Lara Giliam

    Lara Giliam 

    Faculty (US) Mathematics
    863-293-5980 ext. 2227
  • Photo of Lindsay Giliam

    Lindsay Giliam 

    863-293-5980 ext. 2434
  • Photo of Richard Gomer

    Richard "Rick" Gomer 

    Faculty (LS/MS/US) Religion
    863-293-5980 ext. 2302
  • Kevin Grimes 

    Maintenance Stafff
  • Photo of Bambi Guy

    Bambi Guy 

    Media Specialist (MS/US) and Faculty (MS/US) World Languages
    863-293-5980 ext. 2317
  • Photo of Katherine Harkins

    Katherine "Katie" Harkins 

    MS English Teacher
  • Photo of Dylan Hoff

    Dylan Hoff 

    MS/US Faculty (PE)/Lacrosse Coach
  • Photo of Stacia Hottle

    Stacia Hottle 

    Middle School Division Head
  • Photo of Laura Hutson

    Laura Hutson 

    Faculty (LS/MS/US) Music
    863-293-5980 ext. 3364
  • Photo of Eileen Hutton

    Eileen Hutton 

    Faculty (LS) Grade 4
    863-293-5980 ext. 3357
  • Photo of Nicholas Judy

    Nicholas "Nick" Judy 

    Faculty/Lab Manager (US) Fine Arts
    863-293-5980 ext. 2429
  • Photo of Lance  Kershner

    Lance  Kershner 

    Lower School Division Head
  • Photo of Olivia Kerst

    Olivia Kerst 

    Lower School Receptionist
  • Photo of Cory Kloth

    Cory Kloth 

    Faculty (US) Mathematics & Science
    863-293-5980 ext. 2307
  • Photo of Sarah Koehler

    Sarah Koehler 

    Faculty (MS/US) Math
    863-293-5980 ext. 2435
  • Photo of Brittany Kuhn

    Brittany Kuhn 

    LS Teacher - Grade 3
  • Photo of Jera Laurel

    Jera Laurel 

    AP/HR Generalist
  • Photo of Alexandra Laverde

    Alexandra Laverde 

    Faculty (US) World Languages
    863-293-5980 ext. 2234
  • Photo of Violeta Llerena

    Violeta Llerena 

    Middle and Upper School Spanish
  • Photo of Martha Lopez

    Martha Lopez 

    Faculty (LS) Intermediate
    863-293-5980 ext. 3329
  • Photo of Elizabeth Lyons

    Elizabeth Lyons 

    Faculty (MS/US) Fine Arts
    863-293-5980 ext. 2254
  • Photo of Mallory Mannix

    Mallory Mannix 

    Faculty (LS) Kindergarten
    863-293-5980 ext. 3341
  • Photo of Elizabeth Martin

    Elizabeth Martin 

    Director of College Advising
    863-293-5980 ext. 2242
  • Photo of Kimberly McCulley

    Kimberly "Kim" McCulley 

    Faculty (LS) Pre-School 2
    863-293-5980 ext. 3314
  • Photo of Dawn Meadows

    Dawn Meadows 

    School Counselor
    863-293-5980 x2243
  • Photo of Dean Meadows

    Dean Meadows 

    Director of Finance
    863-293-5980 ext 3390
  • Photo of Rebecca Miner

    Rebecca "Becki" Miner 

    Faculty (LS) Pre-Kindergarten
    863-293-5980 ext. 3325
  • Photo of Chad Moore

    Chad Moore 

    Assistant Athletics Director
  • Photo of Ashley Morrison

    Ashley Morrison 

    Auxiliary Program Coordinator
    863-293-5980 ext. 2313
  • Photo of Peggy Morrison

    Peggy Morrison 

    Faculty (LS) Pre-School 2 Teacher
    863-293-5980 ext. 3314
  • Photo of Kelly Moye

    Kelly Moye 

    1st Grade Teacher
    863-293-5980 ext. 2218
  • Photo of Lita O'Neill

    Lita O'Neill 

    Middle School Science
    863-293-5980 ext. 2288
  • Photo of Christopher Pearce

    Christopher "Chris" Pearce 

    Director of Human Resources & Legal
    863-293-5980 ext. 2312
  • Photo of Shirin Premji

    Shirin Premji 

    Lower School Computer Science
  • Photo of Dawn Rafool

    Dawn Rafool 

    Director of Enrollment Services & Marketing
  • Jesse Ramos 

    Maintenance Technician/Facilities
  • Photo of Grant Reynolds

    Grant Reynolds 

    Faculty (MS/US)
    863-293-5980 ext. 2418/2419
  • Photo of Emily Rivera Bula

    Emily Rivera Bula 

    Faculty (LS) Spanish
    863-293-5980 ext. 2316
  • Photo of Nicole Roggen

    Nicole Roggen 

    Middle/Upper School Receptionist
    863-293-5980 ext. 2221
  • Photo of Marie Saint Germain

    Marie "Shella" Saint Germain 

    863-293-5980 ext. 3379
  • Photo of Valarie Satterfield

    Valarie Satterfield 

    Faculty (LS) Grade 1
    863-293-5980 ext. 3347
  • Photo of Christina Simmers

    Christina "Chrissy" Simmers 

    Faculty (LS) Visual Arts
    863-293-5980 ext. 2421
  • Photo of Aaron Skingley

    Aaron Skingley 

    Dean of Students
    863-293-5980 ext. 2212
  • Photo of Andrea Smith

    Andrea Smith 

    Upper and Middle School English Teacher, Upper School English Dept. Chair
  • Photo of Geoffrey Smith

    Geoffrey Smith 

    Middle School History
  • Photo of Margaret Smith

    Margaret "Meg" Smith 

    Middle and Upper School Strings
  • Photo of Amy Speer

    Amy Speer 

    History Teacher MS/US
  • Photo of Delaney Speer

    Delaney Speer 

    Digital Media Associate
    (863)293-5980 ext.3322
  • Photo of Brent Spicer

    Brent Spicer 

    Upper School Division Head
  • Photo of Amie Steelman

    Amie Steelman 

    Administrative Assistant to the Lower School Division Head
  • Photo of Kristie Sumner

    Kristie Sumner 

    Faculty (LS) PreKindergarten
    863-293-5980 ext. 3334
  • Photo of Robert Swearingen

    Robert "Ben" Swearingen 

    Teacher US History
    863-293-5980 ext. 2203
  • Christina Taylor 

    Administrative Assistant to the Interim Upper School Division Head and Substitute Teacher
  • Manuel Torres 

  • Photo of Robert Walker

    Robert "Robertino" Walker 

    MS/US Vocal Music Teacher
  • Photo of Aricka Ward

    Aricka Ward 

    Faculty (US) Science
  • Photo of Cathy Watson

    Cathy Watson 

    Faculty (MS/US) Science
    863-293-5980 ext. 2217/2250
  • Photo of Rachel Watson

    Rachel Watson 

    MS/US Faculty - Math
    863-293-5980 ext. 2220
  • Photo of Stuart Weiss

    Stuart Weiss 

    Director of Athletics, Security, & Transportation
    863-293-5980 ext. 3323
  • Photo of Tera White

    Tera White 

    Athletic Department Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Paulette Wiley

    Paulette Wiley 

    Registered Nurse
    863-293-5980 ext. 3342
  • Photo of Kevin Woolf

    Kevin Woolf 

    Middle School Math
  • Photo of Jeannine Wright

    Jeannine Wright 

    Faculty (MS/US) Fine Arts
  • Photo of Jose Zayas

    Jose Zayas 

    Facilities Supervisor
    863-293-5980 ext. 2298
  • Photo of Sidonie Zwart

    Sidonie Zwart 

    College Advisor