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  • Photo of Elizabeth Hardage

    Elizabeth Hardage 

    Head of School
    863-293-5980 ext. 3336
  • Photo of Ryan Walsh

    Ryan Walsh 

    Head of Middle and Upper Schools / Associate Head of School
    863-293-5980 ext. 2292
  • Photo of Gwen Kessell

    Gwen Kessell 

    Administration (LS) Head of Lower School
    863-293-5980 ext. 3340
  • Photo of Edward New

    Edward "Ed" New 

    Associate Head of School for Institutional Advancement
    863-293-5980 ext. 2239
  • Photo of Dawn Rafool

    Dawn Rafool 

    Executive Director for Strategy & Enrollment Management
    863-293-5980 ext. 2314
  • Photo of Stuart Weiss

    Stuart Weiss 

    Director of Athletics
    863-293-5980 ext. 3323
  • Photo of Frederick Koehler

    Frederick "Fred" Koehler 

    Director of Media and Design
    863-293-5980 ext. 3322
  • Photo of Christopher Pearce

    Christopher "Chris" Pearce 

    Dean of Students (MS/US)
    863-293-5980 ext. 2312
  • Photo of Joseph Corba

    Joseph "Joe" Corba 

    Director of Operations
    863-293-5980 ext. 2235


All Saints Academy is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board is comprised of individuals with a diversity of backgrounds and expertise. The Board supports the strategic vision and mission of ASA and is responsible for ensuring its longevity by:
  • Selecting and supporting the Head of School
  • Ensuring short-term and long-term financial stability
  • Developing the mission and strategic plan
  • Maintaining up-to-date bylaws and institutional policies

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